Cultural Tours

Kay ‘'Llnagaay celebrates the living culture of the Haida. Through language art and stories, we share our relationship with the land and sea. This relationship is shared through our private tours. Daily tours are offered throughout the Summer season (June-August). Groups up to 25 people must reserve in advance. Private tours and activities are available at an additional cost


Tours For Individuals

$15.00 - Available daily July-August

11AM – Pole Tour

2PM – Museum Tour

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Private group tours

$214.00 - Available Year Round (up to 30 people)

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Pole Tour

Facing the ocean there are six monumental poles that were raised in June of 2001. Each pole represents a historical Haida village whose descendants live in Skidegate, HlGaagilda, today. When you book a private tour you will be guided through an in-depth journey of each pole and the crests and clans represented thereof, shared with you will be historical context of the pole in Haida culture and how the Haida saved the knowledge and brought poles back to Haida Gwaii – that is, raised new poles and repatriated historical poles, which you can view in the Saahlinda Naay, Saving Things House (The Haida Gwaii Museum) and inside the Haida Heritage Centre.

The culture is not the totem poles, songs, dance or even blood; …Haida culture is the relationship of our people to these islands. The carving and what we consider art are ways of expressing that relationship.

Gidansda, Guujaaw – former President of the Haida Nation

-Hereditary Chief of Gaag’yals KiiGawaay


In addition to the six outdoor monumental poles there are seven poles that are permanently on exhibit inside the Haida Heritage Centre and Museum.

This is a private tour that must be booked in advance

Time: 1 hour

Canoe Tour

The Haida Canoe connects the natural, supernatural, and human worlds together. It provides a pathway to understanding our language while connecting the land and sea.

There are five canoes housed at the Haida Heritage Centre:

LooTaas – Wave Eater

Iljuuwas – Bill Reid

LooPlex – Fibre glass casting of LooTaas

T’aa – Gidansda, Guujaaw – Bear Awakening

Billy Bellis – Spirit of Rediscovery

Stl’inll/Stl’inlas – Garner Moody


On this tour you will be guided through the history and importance of the canoe to Haida culture, learning how trees were selected and prepared to make the finest and most sea-worthy of west coast canoes. The myths behind the designs will be shared, as well as the process of learning how to make these prized, high value items, after the effects of colonization allowed for this knowledge to nearly be lost.

This is a private tour that must be booked in advance.

Time: 1 Hour

Weaving Tour

Weaving is an essential part of many cultures and provides many basic human needs ranging from food preparation to shelter and clothing. On our weaving tour you will learn about the four main types of Haida weaving, how materials are gathered and processed and how the practice has evolved over time, reflecting the ever-changing roles of women and men in society.

You will be guided through the extensive weaving collection in Sahlinda Naay, from cedar and spruce root hats to the various types of baskets, cedar robes, Raven’s Tail robes and Chilkat Robes to the advent of the blanket.

Textiles reveal the history and identity of those who came before us. The materials and techniques used have evolved into complex and specific methods using Cedar bark, Spruce roots and wool. This tour explores this rich history which encompasses weavings from ancient times to contemporary times.

Pierre Trudeau was present to cut the ribbon at the opening of the original Haida Gwaii museum in 1976– at that time he was gifted a blanket created by Florence Davidson, which you will hear more about on this tour, for him she created a two headed eagle blanket, however she took the blanket back feeling he was more of a raven, unfortunately Trudeau never returned to receive the second blanket created for him.

This is a private tour that must be booked in advance

Time: 1 hour