Weaving Tour


Weaving is an essential part of many cultures and provides many basic human needs ranging from food preparation to shelter and clothing.  On our weaving tour you will learn about the four main types of Haida weaving, how materials are gathered and processed and how the practice has evolved over time, reflecting the ever-changing roles of women and men in society.  

You will be guided through the extensive weaving collection in Sahlinda Naay, from cedar and spruce root hats to the various types of baskets, cedar robes, Raven’s Tail robes and Chilkat Robes to the advent of the blanket.  

Textiles reveal the history and identity of those who came before us.  The materials and techniques used have evolved into complex and specific methods using Cedar bark, Spruce roots and wool.  This tour explores this rich history which encompasses weavings from ancient times to contemporary times.  

Pierre Trudeau was present to cut the ribbon at the opening of the original Haida Gwaii museum in 1976– at that time he was gifted a blanket created by Florence Davidson, which you will hear more about on this tour, for him she created a two headed eagle blanket, however she took the blanket back feeling he was more of a raven, unfortunately Trudeau never returned to receive the second blanket created for him.

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Time: 1 hour


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