Canoe Tour


The Haida Canoe connects the natural, supernatural, and human worlds together.  It provides a pathway to understanding our language while connecting the land and sea.  

There are five canoes housed at the Haida Heritage Centre: 

LooTaas – Wave Eater

Iljuuwas – Bill Reid

LooPlex – Fibre glass casting of LooTaas

T’aa – Gidansda, Guujaaw – Bear Awakening

Billy Bellis – Spirit of Rediscovery

Stl’inll/Stl’inlas – Garner Moody


On this tour you will be guided through the history and importance of the canoe to Haida culture, learning how trees were selected and prepared to make the finest and most sea-worthy of west coast canoes.  The myths behind the designs will be shared, as well as the process of learning how to make these prized, high value items, after the effects of colonization allowed for this knowledge to nearly be lost.

This is a private tour that must be booked in advance.

Time: 1 Hour


If the tour or time that you would like to book is unavailable, please call our front desk  for more options 250-559-7885

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