In the studio and classrooms of the Bill Reid Teaching Centre,
a new generation of Haida apprentices can learn their craft from Master carvers and designers, ensuring the continuation of Haida art forms and techniques. Educational programs, including university-accredited courses in fine arts and special training seminars will attract students from Haida Gwaii and around the world.

Please let us know if you would like to use this room for a different purpose and we will do our best to acocmodate you.

Dimensions: 18' x 22' and can seat 32 people with no tables

chalk board  
flipchart    x
internet access    x
projection    x
smart board  
telephone access    x
white board    x
wireless internet    x

Please contact the Hosting Department at 250-559-7885 to book spaces.

Catering services can be arranged thru Kay Bistro.

Please contact the Hosting Department at 250-559-7885 for questions or email

Please check the events calendar for upcoming events, available rental space and exhibitions.




















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