Haida Heritage Centre

The Haida Gwaii Museum, located in Kay Llnagaay, is a wealth
of Haida history and culture and a great exposure to the islands
as a whole.

Originally opened in 1976, the museum has gone through more than three decades of development and growth, building an incredible collection of Haida historical treasures and contemporary art. The museum’s mandate is driven by its strong connection
with the community, and leaves a lasting impression with all of
its visitors.

Allow the chronological layout of the museum to take you through the galleries, from pre-contact (In the Beginning) , to post-contact (Contact & Conflict), to contemporary (Our Way of Life). Here you will find galleries filled with incredible pieces of Haida history and contemporary life, ranging from all mediums of Haida art and culture, including button blankets, argillite carvings, and even totem poles. There are also galleries exploring the rich natural history of our Islands and one introducing the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. The museum also has an exhibitions gallery that features several art shows throughout the year.













































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